Our exclusive member-owned club is committed to enhancing the member experience.

In an effort to expand and upgrade the services and amenities available to its members,
Boca Woods Country Club continues to develop comprehensive Long Range Plans and goals for future amenities.


Project Planning Overview


The following outlines the major actions and steps the Club has taken to date:

April 2022

Strategic Plan Presentation

Video Presentation

February 2022

BOD Meeting – To support presentations and provide third-party non-bias for the development and administration of a Member survey, the BOD unanimously approved the retention of the McMahon Group. The McMahon Group has supported more than 2000 Clubs, internationally, and is widely respected for their work with Community projects and organizing informational meetings and feedback through survey. In Boca Woods history, McMahon supported the initiative to convert the Club to mandatory membership, and more recently, the survey for the capital enhancement project that was approved by 82% of Members in 2018. For more info about the McMahon Group visit their website at

January, February, and March 2022

Targeted focus groups were assembled to help guide further revisions of the plan before it is showed on a large scale for all Members to review and comment.

December 2021

The conceptual design was reviewed and revised through several plan revisions for both potential projects.

July 2021

BOD Meeting – With confidence from Member feedback in the brief capital planning survey and based on the work performed by the ad hoc committees, the BOD approved retaining the services for the development of concept plans by Tim Liddy for the Woods Course, and by JSR Design for Casual Dining, The Pool and Adjacent Areas.

June and July 2021

Ad hoc committees were formed to search for and entertain proposals from architects for the Woods Course and Architects for Casual Dining, The Pool and Adjacent Areas.

June 2021

Following the videos, a brief capital planning survey was submitted to the Membership via Survey Monkey, confirming interest in potential projects for the Woods Course and for Casual Dining, The Pool and Adjacent Areas. The supportive response for these projects was overwhelming!

Educational videos were produced for Member review, and identified the physical and cultural defects of the Woods Course, Casual Dining Restaurant, and the Pool, through video presentations to the Membership. Those videos are linked below.

Woods Course

Casual Dining and Pool