EXECUTIVE BOARD - Board members and their responsibilities

Boca Woods Pap Chapter Board 2022-2023

Presidents: Harriette Hassol, Mattie Kraus

Vice President: Harriet Hollander

Treasurer: Susan McGowan

Fundraising: Mary Cay Nilsen, Jane Farinas, JoAnn Lipella, Susan Locks

Special Events: Mattie Kraus, Lois Weisman

Membership Women : Judy Robbins, Karen Zall, Dorothy Bernstein

Membership Men: John DiPierro, Michael Zall

Communication, Publicity: Joanne Bulfin, Dottie Pierce

Levels of Giving: Harriette Hassol, Marilyn Lehrbaum, Marilyn Schnee

Recording Secretary: Bunny Mazar

Birthday Buddies: Evelyn Silverstein, Dottie Pierce

Tribute Cards: Harriette Hassol, Marilyn Lehrbaum, Marilyn Schnee

Corresponding Secretary: Linda Hirschberg, Susan Katzen

Doctor Referral: Lois Weisman

Liaison to Presidents: Lori Fine Block, Joyce Riess

Member at Large: Arleen Krimstock


BOARD & PRESIDENTS MEETINGS - Schedule of meetings

Pap Board Meetings: Held outdoors until safe to go indoors.

Oct. 19 Tuesday, 4pm
Nov. 16, Tuesday, 4pm
Dec. 14, Tuesday, 4pm
Jan. 11, Tuesday, 4pm
Feb. 15, Tuesday, 4pm
Mar. 22, Tuesday, 4pm
Apr. 19, Tuesday, 4pm
May 17, Tuesday, 4pm


President’s Meetings: Anyone who wants to join Joyce and Lori, please call Joyce to add your name.

Oct. 7 Thursday
Nov. 10 Wednesday
Dec. 9 Thursday
Jan. 6 Thursday
Feb. 3 Thursday
Mar. 3 Thursday
Apr. 14 Thursday
May 12 Thursday


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Recent News

Miami Dolphins challenge disease with a $75 million gift to UM’s Sylvester Cancer Center


NOVEMBER 10, 2020 02:27 PM,
UPDATED NOVEMBER 10, 2020 05:51 PM

The Miami Dolphins have faced many challenges over their 54-year-history, not least of which is living up to that perfect 1972 season — a feat no football team has matched.

On Tuesday, the Dolphins tackled another challenge, a “one team, one fight mentality” at its Hard Rock Stadium home in Miami Gardens. It came through its charitable arm, the Dolphins Challenge Cancer initiative. The winner turns out to be the University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.The Dolphins Challenge Cancer logo released on Nov. 10, 2020 on the day the organization donated $75 million to University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. MIAMI DOLPHINS

The National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, part of UM’s Health System, received from the NFL franchise what its representatives are calling a “transformational gift” of $75 million.

“The Dolphins’ support through the DCC has been instrumental to Sylvester’s ability to build world class research programs that enabled it to achieve National Cancer Institute designation — making it the only cancer center in South Florida with this prestigious designation and one of only 71 designated cancer centers in the nation,” said Dr. Stephen D. Nimer, director of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This is the second “transformational gift” in almost as many months, following an anonymous donor’s gift of $126 million to Sylvester in September, which was the largest gift given in a single amount in UM’s history, according to the school.

Tuesday’s $75 million Dolphins donation, aimed at “improving the lives of those impacted by cancer in South Florida,” according to the team, initiated in a charitable event in the fight against cancer known as the Dolphins Cycling Challenge that began in 2010 and will continue for an 11th edition in April.

The Dolphins Challenge Cancer’s resolution, according to the team: “a 100% year-round promise to support life-saving cancer research.”

The Dolphins Challenge Cancer’s annual cycling event has raised more than $39 million for Sylvester so far. Now, this year-round initiative hopes to boost those figures.

Tom Garfinkel, vice chairman, president and CEO of the Miami Dolphins, speaks during a presentation at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The Miami Dolphins announced a $75 million gift to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of the University of Miami Health System, on Nov. 10, 2020. Jose A Iglesias [email protected]

Said Dr. Jacqueline A. Travisano, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the University of Miami: “This announcement is a true testament to the power of our South Florida community coming together to fund cancer research. The fight against cancer is deeply personal to many, including me. It is only through dedicated teamwork, such as the extraordinary partnership between Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Miami Dolphins, that we can succeed in ending cancer.”

Travisano is a chair of the Dolphins Cancer Challenge.

The shift to “challenge cancer’” takes the Dolphins organization beyond a single event to align closer to Sylvester’s mission and the work of its more than 300 doctors and researchers.

“As the Dolphins Challenge Cancer, the organization will now become a collective movement providing hope to families and friends, coworkers and neighbors who have been affected by cancer,” the Dolphins said at the event. “Beyond looking for just a cure, the research that Sylvester generates also addresses disparities in care for minority communities that supports medically underserved populations; identifies ways to reduce risks for firefighters and other first responders; and promotes preventative care habits, among its many initiatives.”

Added Miami Dolphins’ Vice Chairman and CEO Tom Garfinkel: “At a time when our country is facing economic and medical hardships, the health and well-being of the South Florida community, including those affected by cancer, remains a top area of focus for our community efforts. We continue to be inspired by the high-level research and patient care at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and are proud to expand our support.”

To date, the DCC’s annual event has raised more than $39 million for Sylvester. As a comprehensive annual campaign, the organization will raise funds year-round in addition to its signature cycling event.
Sylvester recently launched an Experimental Therapeutics program to accelerate its efforts to bringing promising discoveries from its laboratories to its patients in South Florida,” Nimer said.

“This incredible partnership with the Miami Dolphins has supported vitally important research at Sylvester for a decade. We are extremely grateful for this renewed commitment to continue working side by side in pursuit of new cancer cures,” Nimer said.

The University of Miami plans to name the Sylvester Courtyard in the team’s honor.

“The University of Miami is grateful to the Miami Dolphins Foundation for its renewed commitment to this extraordinary South Florida tradition,” said University of Miami President Julio Frenk. “The DCC has become a beacon of hope in South Florida. Together, we will continue to create a spirit of community around our cherished goal — giving patients the gift of life and freedom from the pain and suffering that comes from fighting cancer.”