BIRTHDAY BUDDIES - Wish your friends a happy birthday

The Birthday Buddies program is an ideal way to wish your friends a happy birthday. Your membership in the Boca Woods Chapter of the Pap Corps entitles you to participate. A quarterly mailing of a list of those members who are celebrating their birthday in the next three months is sent to all members. By checking off the names of those members you choose to wish a happy birthday, we will send them a birthday e-card during their birthday month. Your name will be included in the birthday message. The completed list and your check can be either mailed or turned in to the front desk. Each card costs $1 and is a contribution to Pap for which full donor credit is given.

COOKBOOK - Favorite recipes from our members and local restaurants


COINS FOR A CURE - Your spare change will help find the cure for cancer

The unique containers, in the shape of an erlenmeyer flask reminds us that the coins go for cancer research.
...Contact Treasurer for more information.